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Videos Gosau - Dachstein West

Videos Gosau - Dachstein West

Skiregion Dachstein West: Spot vom 07.02.2015
vor 2 Jahren
eingetragen: 07.04.2015 - 628 Aufrufe

Spot aus der Skiregion Dachstein West - Gosau, Russbach, Annaberg vom 7. Februar 2015! Gaudi pur - auf und neben der Spur!

Informationen: www.dachstein.at

Snowpark Dachstein West: Freeski Session 2014
vor 2 Jahren
eingetragen: 07.04.2015 - 197 Aufrufe

The Snowpark Dachstein West is situated on the western side of the famous Dachstein mountain ranges and approached best from Salzburg. The project already exists since three years and was constantly improved in the last years. It offers a nice beginner section on the right side and a medium/advanced kicker- and rail section on the left side! In addition to this upper part the park also offers some jib elements and wallrides in the lower part, before you go down to the heated chairlift, which brings you up again.

The winter is on its way and it's time to show you the edit from our last season Snowboard Shooting with a lot of motivated riders like Alex Brucker, Chris Klaushofer, Jojo Blum, Kathi Gappmayr, Nadine Härtinger and many more!

Get more informations on the project on www.snowpark-dachsteinwest.at or www.dachstein.at

Dachstein West Spot - Gosau, Russbach, Annaberg
vor 2 Jahren
eingetragen: 07.04.2015 - 419 Aufrufe

Der neue Winterspot aus der Skiregion Dachstein West! Gaui pur - auf und neben der Spur in Gosau, Russbach und Annaberg!

Mehr Informationen: www.dachstein.at

Snowpark Dachstein West: Bluebird Snowboard Parkcheckout
vor 4 Jahren
eingetragen: 01.02.2013 - 777 Aufrufe

The Snowpark Dachstein West was the place to be on the 15th of january 2013, which was just an awesome winter day! The sun was shining and the perfectly groomed snowpark presented itself from the best side. Boys and Girls ripped it hard for the first time in this season, and everyone will definitely be back. Word!


Featured music available for free download:

Pistenpräparation Dachstein West
vor 5 Jahren
eingetragen: 18.11.2012 - 598 Aufrufe

Meisterlich präparierte Pisten! Das Pisten-Bully-Team bei der Arbeit!

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