Snowpark Stuhleck : Volcom´s Peanut Butter Rail Jam AUSTRIA #1


Snowpark Stuhleck : Volcom´s Peanut Butter Rail Jam AUSTRIA #1

vor 9 Jahren

Snowpark Stuhleck : Volcom´s Peanut Butter Rail Jam AUSTRIA #1

vor 9 Jahren

Starting at 8.30 a.m. at the snowpark Stuhleck, the crew was motivated to run another Volcom PBRJ Stop outer space. We pulled up the installation for the contest and could start registration at 10.30 a.m. The first kids were already there and started to shred the setup.
After a few warm-up runs, the girls and 15- category began. The girls, Christine Szumovski and Klara Dinold convinced with safe runs and proved once again that girls also shred hard on iron.
The kids were highly motivated to give their best on the setup. The first three of them were qualified for the finals in Laax, so they pushed themselves to their limits. The crowd and the whole Volcom crew were really satisfied to see those really motivated young shredders during the contest.
After the kid’s category, the competitors of the category 16+ started. They showed good style, safe combos and innovative tricks. The winner of this category Bernhard Kratzer convinced the judges with his smooth and various riding.
Finally we saw the riders of the open division, the so-called king-size class. Big names from the European jib scene entered the contest. We could appreciate the riding of Dominik Wagner and Marc Swoboda, so no more words needed. In the end, Marc Swoboda went back home in first place.
All in all, once again a great PBRJ tour stop with a lot of good riders and some crazy souvenirs which we brought back home. Much respect goes to the PBRJ crew, even if Holger M. and Jens H. could not participate. Special thanks to Alex P. and Simpi H. for filming and taking pictures. Hermann Martin for taking care of the barbecue and the 4 K’s (Klemens König & Klaus Kunkel) for keeping it rolling behind the scene. Extra thanks to our friends from the industry: Electric, Vans, Burn, Seventyone Percent and

1. Nauris Putenis
2. Simon Gschaider
3. Matow Bednar
4. Samuel Jaros

1. Bernhard Kratzer
2. Bernhard Höhm
3. Ziga Rakovec
4. Martin Wegschneider
5. Georg Obermeissner

Open Div
1. Marc Swoboda
2. Clemens Schattenschneider
3. Seppi Scholler
4. Roland Scharmer
5. Marvin Salmina

1. Christine Szumovski
2. Klara Dinold

Electric gooeyest move of the day : Hermann Seideler

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