Samson Folk Festival In Salzburg - Colour (1965) - St. Michael im Lungau


Samson Folk Festival In Salzburg - Colour (1965)

vor 7 Jahren

Samson Folk Festival In Salzburg - Colour (1965)

vor 7 Jahren

This material is shot in colour.

Salzburg, Austria.

Several shots of the houses and churches in the Austrian Alps. MS. Woman in Austrian national dress holding young child. Various shots of Mauterndorf village near Salzburg in Austria with most of the people in national dress taking part in a procession through the streets during the Samson Folk Festival. They hold a large statue known as Samson, which is believed to protect the villagers through history. Various shots of the procession of people in traditional dress as well as fancy dress moving through crowded village streets. Girl serves drinks to some of the people in procession. Statue of Samson is paraded through the village. People drinking and giving drinks away, brass band playing Several nice shots of the valley with fields, farmhouses and hills in background. Several shots of a village (presumably St. Michael) where similar festival to one at Mauterndorf takes place. Two young men in period uniforms drive on motorcycle through village street. Various shots of another procession, also with a large statue similar to Samson, men in period uniforms, etc. Crowd looking on.


Date found in the old record - 12/08/1965.
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